Building Project

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The New Mount Carmel Foundation began construction of the monastery in 2014.   The monastery buildings have been constructed in a traditional Gothic style out of stone and masonry to ensure that they will stand for centuries and serve as the home of many generations of the Carmelite Monks.  

Each phase of the construction is 100% funded (through the generosity of benefactors and the work of the Monks) so that there is no debt.  Everything that is built is fully paid for.

Refectory Building-Summer 2015

The monks themselves are carrying out every aspect of the stonework on the monastery.  They cut and shape each stone, taking it from a rough block to an exquisitely carved piece.  The monks also set every stone into the walls of the monastery buildings.  This not only allows this monastery to be built on a tighter budget, but also follows in the footsteps of countless monasteries throughout history that were built by the monks themselves.  You can learn more about the monks and their stone cutting work here.

Chapter House-Summer 2023

The focus of the building project has now turned wholeheartedly to the completion of the monastery’s main chapel.   Each of the thousands of stones is meticulously cut and shaped in preparation for its home in the walls of this edifice built for the glory of God and salvation of souls.